Debt Collection

Commercial and consumer debt collection services.

We represent clients in the areas of  creditors rights’ enforcement, commercial debt collection, and retail debt collection litigation in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.   Sonnek and Goldblatt, Ltd. offers a vast range of services allowing for the complete handling of all your collection, debt recovery, litigation, and legal needs.

We provide an innovative approach to representing clients in the creditors’ rights industry, and cost effective solutions for the recovery of debt.  We are efficient, experienced, and knowledgeable in the recovery of your revenue, property, and receivables.  We provide high-quality legal representation to all our debt collection clients large or small.  Our firm represents a variety of clients including but not limited to banks, finance companies, and other lenders; law firms, lawyers, and other professionals; landlords, and individuals for debt collection purposes.

Our Debt Collection Services include:

  • Consumer Collections – Collecting debts owed by an individual consumer to a business. These debts include personal credit card debt, medical debt, unpaid mortgage or loan balances, etc.
  • Commercial Collections –  Collecting debts owed by one business to another. Oftentimes, these debts are for services or products ordered from a supplier of some sort that are never paid for. These  businesses can be small or large and are often in a wide variety of industries.
  • Government Collections – Collecting of all types of debt owed to governmental agencies.  These debts include bankruptcy, workers’ compensation, evictions, fraud, medicaid estate recovery, tax collection, utility claims, etc.
  • Revenue Recovery – Collecting money due to individuals, businesses, and organizations.
  • Creditors’ Rights – Understanding the procedural provisions designed to protect the ability of persons, who are owed money, to collect the money that they are owed.

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