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    Sonnek & Goldblatt, Ltd. is a regional collections and creditors’ rights law firm headquartered in Milford, Ohio (the Greater Cincinnati area). Our firm provides representation in collections and business matters for creditors with debtors located in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, or Tennessee in all areas of those states. Our firm has been representing creditors in collections matters for over a decade and our experience brings a unique understanding of the specific Court procedures and nuances relating to the liquidation and recovery on defaulted accounts.

    Our team understands the stages of the debt collection life cycle and can help you in obtaining recovery in litigation and non-litigation models. Our law firm focuses on all aspects of debt collection including obtaining judgments and judgment enforcement across various industries. We provide our clients with efficient, high-quality legal representation in a cost-effective manner, and offer various types of fee arrangements to help meet your needs.

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    Why Our Law Firm

    Our multi-state law firm takes pride in the exceptional quality and outstanding customer service we provide our clients. As a collections law firm we are able to offer legal remedies and advanced strategies for debt collection, revenue recovery, and judgment enforcement. We provide services in the areas of consumer collections, commercial collections, government entity collections, business to business collections, as well as others. We use our knowledge and experience to provide an innovative approach to the recovery of your outstanding accounts receivable, outstanding judgments and other debt portfolios. We represent clients across various industries including government, banks and credit unions, auto finance companies, debt buyers, commercial loan originators, commercial leasing companies, medical service providers, student loan lenders, select service industries as well as others. Our team can help you craft a customized solution for your complex collections recovery through our efficient legal model and/or our in-house pre-suit collections staff in a cost-effective manner.

    Be assured our firm operates under strict compliance standards and our staff is thoroughly trained under state and federal law including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Furthermore, our attorneys are members of various creditor associations to keep apprised of the ever changing legal environment in the area of debt collections including following guidance issued from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and case law updates.

    To inquire as to whether Sonnek & Goldblatt, Ltd. may be able to represent you in enforcement of your contracts and recovering on unpaid accounts please call our office at 513-417-8692 or reach us via email at questions@sonnekandgoldblatt.com.

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