Consumer Debt Collections

Sonnek & Goldblatt, Ltd can assist with all your consumer debt collection needs.  A main focus at our firm is to help businesses and organizations collect debts owed to them by an individual consumer.  These debts include but are not limited to personal credit card debt, medical debt, unpaid mortgage or loan balances, insurance premiums, and taxes.  We represent clients that need assistance enforcing and collecting outstanding debts and judgments.

We have the knowledge and experience needed when navigating the complex process of debt collection.  Debt collection agencies can only assist you up to a certain point, they don’t have the licensure or structure needed to take legal action.  When searching for the right partner for your consumer debt collection needs choose an experienced law firm that can handle every step of the complex process.  Let the experienced staff at Sonnek & Goldblatt, Ltd. craft a customized solution for your complete collection needs.

Some of the methods we use in consumer collections are:

  • Consumer Collections
  • Retail Collections
  • Skip Tracing
  • Asset Searches
  • Pre-suit Collections
  • Collateral Recovery
  • Demand Letters
  • Legal Action Recovery
  • Immediate Suit Programs
  • Post–Judgment Executions
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Bank Attachments
  • Filing & Renewal of Judgment Liens
  • Debtor’s Exams
  • Creditor’s Bills
  • File Claims to the Estate
  • Negotiate Payments/Settlements
  • Asset/Property Ownership Searches
  • Fraudulent Transfers

We understand the actions needed and how to professionally present your claim for maximum recovery or settlement after a successful judgment in your favor.  The attorneys at Sonnek & Goldblatt, Ltd. understand what it takes to obtain full recovery.  There are many methods we can use to collect your debt and we can advise you in creating the best strategy.

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